Saturday, July 11, 2009

New channel update (July 11th, 2009)

Hi everyone,

Today the team made an announcement regarding new channels on the YouTube blog ( I've included the information below. You can also check out our Help Center article ( for updates on new channels and instructions on how to customize your channel (if you have the new channel layout).

Hope this info's helpful, and have a good weekend!

~ Liz


We want to give you a heads up that we're changing the day on which we'll move all remaining channels over to the new version. Why? Well, July 15th is almost here, and we realized that we still have a few bugs and things left on the to-do list.

Specifically, here's what we plan to do before we roll the new version out to all remaining channels:

*** Add transparency (now done)
*** Fix some browser-specific layout bugs - in particular, IE6 has a few issues right now
*** Allow you to default your channel to "grid" view
*** Allow you to re-order your uploads & playlists
*** Fixes for some of the other bugs you've helped find (such as grid view not always working in IE), and other small things

So when's the new date? That part's a little trickier - rather than try to predict it, we'd rather focus our time on taking care of the above list. But we'll announce the new date no less than 2 weeks before it happens - and yes, it's still coming this summer. Keep an eye out here or on our beta blog ( Thanks!


  1. why arent my comments posting..i cant invite friend or subscribe

  2. When you click on "View All" from a channel, the browser screen goes completely blank! This happens for several YouTube accounts that I operate, and it doesn't matter whether you have fewer than 3 or more than 3 videos. That means that only the 3 most recent videos are easily accessible, which defeats the whole purpose of having a channel. One of my bands has 21 videos and only the 3 most recently posted are viewable.

  3. Why cant i post comments on beta channels?

  4. Why don't you just cancel forcing us to use the new beta channel.s Give users free choice

  5. The new channels are awful. No on can see your upload list , it's totally confusing , I've never seen anyone wreck anything so badly.

    Also , now when you log in and go to the front page there are no video's , none ! Is this part of ruining everyones video channels ? You should have just left it alone, it was fine.

    Now I see you are forcing adds into the nonpartner unsponsored video's as well. You need to start paying them if you are going to force advertising on them.

  6. You are posting a informative knowledge in your blog, i love to read it and i cleared my basic concept about Youtube Help