Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New: 2GB uploads

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share an exciting piece of news with you all! Starting today, we're increasing the upload limit from 1GB to 2GB for video files! :)

Although this 2GB uploading option is very exciting, because its so new, there are still a couple of bugs: notably for users with computers that do not have enough free memory. Users in this situation might receive an error when they try to upload these large 2GB files.

The error will say "Upload failed: An unknown error occurred".

Users who are likely to experience errors include those using:
  • Operating System: Mac OS only
  • Web-Browsers: Firefox or Safari
  • Memory: ~1-3 GB RAM
Users who are receiving this error are encouraged to use the following uploader in order to successfully upload videos to the site:

Anyway, enjoy the new option and happy uploading!

Regards from San Bruno,

~ Liz


  1. What's the point of increasing the size limit when 90% of the HD uploads appear low-quality when they're uploaded?

  2. @ Michaelas10:

    Convenience, I suspect. I can render a 10 min. video in HD at a 6Mbps bit rate, using H.264/AAC codecs and get the file size down to less than 500MB. But not everyone knows how to do that, or has the time and patience to learn how to do that.

    Upping the limit allows users to take the path they want to take and upload video that may very well not convert very cleanly. I suppose it's cheaper and more realistic than expecting everyone with a camera to actually have a clue about rendering methods.

  3. Are the lenght still 10 minutes? Or has it also been increased to 20 minutes? 1 Gig is more than enough for 10 minutes as Aza says.

  4. The lenght is still 10 minutes (and 59 seconds). Only the size has been increased to 2 GB.

  5. Damn, I've got 3GB RAM (Prev. 1GB) so I'm gonna experience some issues uploading 2GB video files...

    If I decide to make any more videos, that is. (I will if the new channels get canned)

  6. Thanks for this post, many people have been asking me how to fix this. Now I can send them here.